Why Was Gully Boy Selected for Oscars and not other movie

Gully Boy has been officially elected as the Oscar’s official entry from India. But do you know why has it been selected and not many other movies, when the fact is that there were better movies than Gully Boy in terms of raking moolah and performances. Andhadhun, Uri and Badhaai Ho as couple of examples.

Gully Boy is a masterpiece. There is no doubt about it. But try to understand that it is just not about the performances of actors. But it is about how close the movie was related to a real life. The movie had supporting actors like Kalki and Siddharth Chaturvedi and Alia Bhatt but the movie was single handedly spearheaded by Ranveer Singh. The factor which made the movie more likable was the timings of the songs, which by the way had awesome music and meaningful lyrics, with sequence going on in the movie with few sprinkles of emotions.

Pick up any movie which has been selected for Oscar, be it Mother India, Salaam Bombay or Lagaan, they all one thing in common, that is Emotions. It is the showcasing in one form or another that has led the movie into the Oscars. Lagaan’s emotion was through the cricket match, in the same way Gully Boy’s emotion was through the rap Murad wanted for himself and for the world to hear and struggle he went through to earn it. Mother India’s emotions was in the climax and struggle and Salaam Bombay’s emotion was in the slums showed in the movie.

So, if you want a movie to be selected for Oscars, make sure you have a slum, great music, struggle and emotions.

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