The Sky is Pink – Trailer Review (4/5)

Just recently I saw this trailer of a movie called The Sky is Pink. The first look of the movie made me feel emotional, to be honest. The movie is directly by Shonali Bose and stars actors like Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Zaira Wasim in the main lead.

This movie has many layers. Right from the 1990s romance to expression of love by middle age couple these days, this movie doesnt miss anything. The movie has a fresh feel with a strong storyline. The trailer is narrated by bits and pieces by a third voice – Zaira Wasim. From the trailer, it seems that the couple were in love from poor days and grew rich in coming years. The couple seem to have got married and have a kid, but since the actor did not use a protection, they had a second girl child, probably portrayed by Zaira Wasim.

Over a period of time, the couple, Farhan and Priyanka, seems to have drifted apart and are heading for a divorce. But the plan comes comes to a stand still when when learn that their baby had an incurable lung disease.

This movie is out and out an actors movie in which all the characters have played an important role. It is a powerhouse of emotions in which comedy, tragedy and pain is perfectly timed. It has all the contents which a good family movie should have.

This is definitely a must watch film.

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