Chhichhore – Movie Review (4/5)

Let’s be honest. When I was going to watch this movie I literally prayed that this movie, Chhichhore; directed by Nitesh Tewari ( of Dangal fame)  shouldn’t have anything common with 3 Idiots. And indeed it wasn’t. There was hardly any scene in which you can draw comparisons. While 3 Idiots had superficial characters portraying a strong message like follow your heart and become worthy rather than chasing success, this movie has just one message – It doesn’t matter if you Win or Lose, what ultimately matters if how hard you have tried to achieve your goal.

The movie starts on a melo-dramatic note where a son tries to kill himself for not passing JEE. His parents Sushant Singh (Ani) and Sharaddha Kapoor (Maya) do everything possible to save their son. Just when Ani things of an idea to attempt a reunion of his college friends which were popularly known as LOSERS. Ani’s plan was to prove that it isn’t important that you are a loser, it is important how hard you try to remove that tag of loser.

These LOSERS consisted of 6 characters- Ani, Varun Sharma (Sexa), Tahir Raj Bhasin (Derek), Navin Polishetty ( Acid), Tushar Pandey (Mummy) and Sharash Kumar Shukla (Bevda). Believe me, each and every characters has its own importance and sense of humour.

The writer of this movie has made sure that characters of each and every person in this movie are kept as close to ground reality and are cute in their own funny way. To be honest for a second I thought this is my college life. It was so similar. There are fulltime characters like Sexa is into sex and porn 24×7, Bevda thinks of drinking all the time, Acid thinks of abusing people he hates most, and Mummy thinks about his mother all the time. This movie is made in such a way that if you take out one character, this movie would remain incomplete. Such is the importance given by the writer.

But then, there is no Hindi movie without a negative shade. Enter – Prateik Babbar (Jaggie). He stays in a hostel where only winners and achievers stay. He tried taking Ani in his team but by then the friends were so close that they dint think of leaving each other. And thus, started the competition of winning General Championship. Turns out the only way to remove the LOSERS tag was by winning the championship.

I will not give out the spoiler but be assured of one thing. It is a total paisa vasool movie. The movie manages you to go through a roller-coaster of emotions whilst urging you to think if they can win the General Championship.

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