Gretel & Hansel – Trailer Review (4/5)

I just came across a trailer which was posted just a couple of hours ago. It is called Gretel & Hansel, with a tagline – A grim fairy tale. No, this movie isn’t scary. There are no wild shrieks or shouts with figures appearing out of nowhere. However, this movie will definitely manage to run a shiver down your spine, if by chance you see the trailer in a dark room all alone.

The movie opens with a scene where a girl and boy, may be they are brothers and sisters, are probably lost in the woods. Perhaps it is a forest. And they meet a person who gives them food to eat. By the looks of it she seems to be a hardcore witch. It gets confirmed as soon as she pulls a hair out of a boy head. There are particular scenes which are particularly horror like red smoke coming out of the wood, burning of something which looks like a corpse, and half palm dipped in black ink.

The movie stars Sophia Lillis as Gretel and Samuel Leakey as Hansel. The main antagonist of the movie – The Witch is played by Alice Krige. And I must say that it you will definitely applaud her role. The movie is directed by Oz Perkins.

Have a look at the trailer.  

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