Will Varun Dhawan Ever Come Out Of His Dad’s Shadow?

No, before you start judging this write about Varun Dhawan let me make it very clear that I do not doubt his capabilities as an actor. But let’s face it – all the movies which have become a hit go to his father’s credit. Of course, he had a very big role to play in it, but then as an entertainer and not as an actor. Personally I believe he can do much better as an actor rather than as an entertainer. I have seen his Sui Dhaga, Badlapur, October and Kalank and all of them had him as an acting powerhouse.

If we follow the trend then and if I were to describe him in one line, he is a modern day Govinda. There is nothing wrong with it, but this make him predictable. After performing a particular scene we know exactly what’s going to come. This element of predictability might downgrade him as an actor, if not now then in time to come. This was one the main reasons why Govinda could not survive in one genre for long, and did not go hit in others. People got bored of him and by the time he tried other genres he did not fit in and lost his edge.

If Varun Dhawan needs to be a successful actor (and not entertainer), he needs to come out of his father’s shadow, start experimenting with new roles and make sure that he gives 100% as an actor because the type of roles he had been taking up, I am pretty sure that a day will come when he will be only doing Govinda’s remakes and people get bored of him and he will eventually lose the edge.

We have seen the poster of his latest flick Coolie No.1 which also starred Govinda and was directed by his dad. This one too would be directed by him. Let’s see if this has to offer something new or would it be the same old stuff.

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