Who Are Your Favorite Villians?

Amy Dunne from Gone Girl – (4/5)

If by any chance you have seen Ben Affleck starrer Gone Girl then I am pretty sure that you would not forget Amy Dunne (Rosemund Pike) from Gone Girl. Call her crazy, call her a psycho but you cannot deny the fact the lengths she went to teach her husband the lesson of lifetime. The way she laid a trap for her husband Nick Dunne and the way she manipulated Desi Collings is worth praise. Without being dead just with the help of evidence she managed to convince the police that she was murdered. And without allowing Desi lay a finger on her she managed to convince the world of her rape and her killing as self defence. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best David Fincher movie I have ever seen after The Social Network.

Joker from Dark Knight – (5/5)

Hands down he is the greatest villain I have seen in years. Not only did he have all the qualities a typical villain would have but he actually went a mile ahead of that. His look as a joker, his frequent laughs, his licking the lips because of humidity and the most important quality – his charm to manipulate people to pave way things he like to be is just out of the world. But there was one quality which I liked the most, and most of you would agree as well – his unpredictability. This was one quality which made us sit on the edge of the seats. We never knew what he would do next and this kicked the adrenaline within us to see him more.

There are in particular three scenes in which I loved him the most –

  1. His entry scene – when he opens the mouth of the bank manager and places a smoke bomb in there.
  2. His entry in the Wayne Foundation party when he lets Rachel go when Batman says “Let Her Go”
  3. When he manipulates Batman to go after Rachel when in actual the ‘White Night’ was in there, so that with the Batman and police gone he can escape prison with Lou.

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