What Made Sacred Games Season 2 a Flop Show?

Ever tried to think why the Sacred Games Season 2 failed, when we compare that with Season 1? No, it is not the script nor was it the storyline or the characters. You, the person reading this article is solely responsible for making the Season 2 a flop show. Let me tell you how.

The season 1 of Sacred Games marked a major entry into the web series space in India. And considering that the first season had stalwart actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan and Pankaj Tripathi we created expectations which had no limits. The season 1 portrayed Nawazuddin as anti-hero who provided leads to Saif Ali which could stop Mumbai was decimating in 25 days. The web-series’ entire focus was on Nawazuddin and no one else. The season 1 marked the rising the Ganesh Gaitonde, and for that he did whatever he had to do. This included killings, womanizing, betrayal and politics. This phase was so interesting to the audience that we saw it over and over again and in that process we built expectations. The dialogue delivery, the acting, the screenplay and the body language was almost perfect. You might call this season a quick knife.

So what happened in Season 2?

The focus shifted from Ganesh Gaitonde to Guruji and his teachings.  Maximum episodes of the Season 2 focused on ashram which included teachings and resurrection of Ganesh Gaitonde and his black mailings. Since most of the episodes showed Guruji’s teachings the episodes were quite slow. No doubt that the characters showed in the Season 2 were great but then it lacked the gravity and intensity which was showed in Season 1. Saif Ali Khan’s aggression is toned down to great extent, Nawazuddin seems lost between making his name while Guruji through his teachings plans to nuke India and blame it on Pakistan and trigger a Third World War. And in the middle of all this Jojo (Surveen Chawla) double crosses Nawazuddin.

We knew very well that Guruji would have a bigger role to play but the only thing which we lacked here was the speed of the episodes. If there was a bit of more action, a bit less slangs and a bit more intensity then the Season 2 would have been great, there is no doubt about that.

On the acting front, Pankaj Tripathi has done a fantastic job as Guruji, Nawazuddin as Ganesh Gaitonde seems to be a bit confused, looses an edge but is watchable. Saif Ali Khan’s role could have been much greater and bigger. Nonetheless, it is worth a one time watch.

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