Dreamgirl – Trailer Review (4/5)

Ayushmann Khurrana is one actor who never gets tired of surprising people with new roles and treats. With a serious cop in Article 15 and a not-so-blind man in Andhadhun he has come to entertain us back in DreamGirl which also stars Anu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz and Nushrat Bharucha.

From the looks of it, it seems that Ayushmann is a stage artist who is famous in doing female roles but now getting bored is looking for a change. However, I think wherever he goes he gets rejected because of his resume. However, luck knocks one day when he gets to play a role of a female telecaller with a sexy voice. Desperate for the job he takes it being unknown of the circumstances he would need to face once he goes online.

As we look in the trailer the whole world goes mad after him including a boyfriend, a goon and a husband. The most interesting part of the trailer is it doesn’t show how the he handles them and what might be the climax of the movie, of course, we certainly see how he dodges them. What effect would this job have on his personal life and job would be worth watching.

This movie should be out and out an Ayushmann Khurrana movie. His comic timing, his dialogue delivery even in the seduction tone is loaded with awesomeness; I bet there wouldn’t be a single scene when you can stop smiling. To add more laughter we have Anu Kapoor who is sarcastic throughout the trailer and Vijay Raaz and other actors who fall in love with Pooja (Ayushmann Khurrana) just by talking with them. In fact we see a scene where there is a breakup as well because the guy is in love with Pooja.

The story and screenplay seems great but the songs and music has won out hearts as well. I am eagerly waiting to see how the whole movie gets unfolded.

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