Chhichhore – Trailer Review (4/5)

What comes in your mind when you saw the trailer of this movie? I remembered by good old MBA college days. Probably after 3 Idiots this is one movie which has managed to open the room of those college memories.

In the movie we see so many characters but the main leads such as Sushant Singh, Shradhha Kapoor and Varun Sharma aka Sexa. The main driver of the movie I believe would be Sexa since he is the only one who has managed to trigger the comic dialogues and timings. From the trailer we see that the as soon as Sushant reaches hostel he meets Sexa and thus starts the laugh riot.

From the trailer we see that there is ragging (not the serious ones), intense competition, friendship and love. All the characters shown in the movie seem to be cute in their own way with no cruel intentions whatsoever. And then we see fast forward where Sushant’s son is in ICU, injured badly and all his friends are in different parts of world. At that point of time we see that all the characters are united again after so many years. I bet that scene would be an emotional one. But Sexa doesn’t leave that situation as well to crack a joke which brings smile on everyone’s faced.

On the acting front, I believe everyone has done a top job, with no one less than each other. The comic timings is bang on and the music is soothing to hear with no raps and big bang music.

This movie should be a must watch for all three generations as I think everyone would be able to relate themselves with the movie.

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