Bard of Blood – Trailer Review (4/5)

After successful web series like Mirzapur and Sacred Games, which actually shows portrayal of becoming a don or a gangster, Bard of Blood is one serial which actually portrays characters on patriotism, terrorism and espionage.

We have actors like Emraan Hashmi, Vineet Kumar Singh and Sobhita Dhulipala who are a major part of this series. From the trailer which I saw it seems that someone of great importance was kidnapped by the enemy country and all the diplomatic channels have failed. So choosing the last resort, the Indian Government calls their best in agent, Kabir Anand, who by the way is a school teacher. Joined with him are the two characters – Vineet Kumar and Sobhita.

Coined as a suicide mission this web series is out and out and action series. As per Kabir Anand, there is only rule and that is everyone is on its own if anyone gets caught. It was like just 3 people against all the firepower they had, without any support or back up. Emraan Hashmi has done a great job at shredding its image as a lover boy and picking up a role of action hero. We hope that the audience loves Emraan’s new avatar.

This is the first time Red Chillies Entertainment has ventured in a web series and we hope that this works for Shah Rukh Khan. Although Red Chillies may be getting great business from different other movies but in terms of movies, they haven’t been lucky of late. 

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