Saaho – Movie Review (1/5)

Unlike the literal meaning of this word Saaho is not even near to ‘Jai Ho’. It seems like the producers had loads of cash and time so decided to throw a lavish movie in which big shot actors and actresses would be playing with visual screens, actions and loads of new toys.

Saaho is utterly poorly directed movie which had sloppy screenplay and out of blue songs. I would not go to see the movie even if I was offered money to watch. Without an old and dilapidated storyline, Prabhas aka Bahubali has managed to pull off few scenes with greatness but all in all it is just sloppy. If I were to say the story in one line then the world around you is about to crash and only black box can save it. And these two – Prabhas and Shradhha will be saving it. The only thing which I liked about the movie was Prabhas’ entry and the frequent twists and turns. But after a while that too also got old.

The director had a great chance to capitalize on Prabhas and Shradhha Kapoor. Not only no attempts were made to spark a chemistry between them but it seems that the directly solely focused on visual extravaganza. Prabhas tried really hard to pull of one liner but ended as thuds and Shradhha became a centre of problem whenever she went to tried to bash up the bad guys.

The official budget of this movie is Rs 300 crore, unofficially I have come to know that it could be around Rs 375 crore as well. Whatever may be the case, if the story writer or the director would have given some attention towards the story and acting in this movie rather than creating visual senseless action porn, this one would have been a blockbuster. But the fiasco which I am able to see, this movie is nothing apart from a good opening. Really sorry to say but this movie has talent and money wasted like anything.

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