Review of Trailer – WAR (3/5)

I saw this trailer just 3 days ago and to think this trailer has seen 41 million hits in just 72 hours. And that is a big deal to be honest. But, let’s consider the factors that have driven this volume. The original macho man and the world’s most handsome man alive – Hritik Roshan against the man who is walking exactly in his footsteps – Tiger Shroff.

From the trailer it seems like a cat and mouse game, sprinkled with action and heavy one liners and face-offs.  Does that sound familiar?

Let’s break the trailer piece by piece.

The Plot

It seems that Hritik Roshan, the best officer of Indian Government, has gone rogue; just like a double agent. The second best is brought in to catch him and kill him if need be apparently because the best trained him. From the looks of it, it seems that Hritik has a dirty secret against someone and villains (who are not shown) are after him, so he had to go rogue because his life was threatened or he might be protecting someone. But I guess at the end they truth is out and they both beat up the bad guys and the heroes win.

The other angle could be that Hritik is indeed a villain in the movie but then a thought comes into my mind, is he really a villain type? The class of villains has risen so high, thanks to Nawazuddin Siddique and Pankaj Tripathi) that the image of Hritik Roshan will not be even qualified for a role of a villain.


If you have seen the Mission:Impossible series then you should be able to figure out the action. The bike chase if from Mission:Impossible – Rogue Nation, the Ship and car chase on icy sheets are from Fast and Furious 8 and the chase (Tiger running after Hritik) is from Mission:Impossible – Fallout.

The action is undoubtedly great but something original would have been nice. For example I loved the hand to hand combat which is shown towards the end of the trailer.

To be honest this movie and action in it seems to be a notch higher than Bang Bang (Which also was a copy of Knight&Day).

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