Is it really worth watching The Boys? (3.5/5)

The Boys are common people who stand up against evil superheroes!

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I heard a lot about this series called The Boys. So I decided to have a look as to what it has to offer but sadly it turned out to be just above average. I mean yes it is good, but not that good. It is a worth a one-time watch to be honest.

So this series is basically about Seven or so they call themselves who are owned by a company called Vought. These Seven are Homelander (Superman), Queen Maeve (Wonder Woman), A-Train (Flash), The Deep (Aquaman), Translucent (Invisible Man), Starlight (Electric Woman) and Black Noir (Samurai). Whenever a state government faces the task of corruption Vought leases of the superheroes to them in lieu of money.

After a while the superheroes, especially Homelander feels that they should control the world and in that emotion they start committing crimes that no one knows of – like crashing a plan or a terrorist attack. This artificially creates urgency for superheroes and in the process Vought starts getting paid more by the US Government and military.

Problem starts when one of the superheroes A-Train accidentally kills Hughie Cambell’s (Jack Quaid) girl friend. And that point of crisis and revenge, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) comes to help and give a helping hand. Billy, by the way, was also pained by one of the superhero’s called the Homelander. And thus, with a mutual enemy at sights The Boys were born. Billy manages to create a team of 5 people who at some point faced personal losses because of the super heroes.


From acting point of view each and every character is at par, Hughie plays a fantastic fearing character yet managing to pull off things no one can imagine while Billy Butcher manager to pull off his best performance yet – being sarcastic, furious and smashing people’s head. Homelander is pure evil. The only thing where The Boys lag is a strong script and screenplay. After about 2-3 episodes, believe me you will get bored.

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