5 Christopher Nolan Movies With Rank

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9671105mc) Christopher Nolan 2018 BlacKkKlansman Red Carpet, Cannes, France – 14 May 2018

Dunkirk (3.5/5)

Undoubtedly whatever Nolan creates is a masterpiece and his Dunkirk which was released in 2017 is no exception. Although one might argue that this movie did see a change in his normal style of direction. Except for Tom Hardy all the characters which he has bought on the 70 mm screen are new, at least for Nolan. Basically this movie is about the World War 2 incident where all the British soldiers were stranded on the a sea beach on the continent yearning to go home which was just on the other end of British Channel while at the same time enemies were on the other side.

The movie is a masterpiece because of one reason and one reason only – the cinematography. The story has been shot in a three dimensional way of one particular time, the three dimensions are land, water and sea.

Batman Begins (3.5/5)

This movie is special for Nolan solely because of one reason – it marked the start of the Batman franchise. Not that no-one has attempted to create Batman movies earlier, but this one stuck more to the ground reality than fantasy. We see Bruce Wayne suffer, fight, struggle and ultimately rising as a saviour of Gotham by beating Ras-al-ghul. This was actually the first time that the audience loved Batman especially when he followed the principles and his teachings, no matter what.

Interstellar (4/5)

Probably this was the first time that any film-maker in the world, not only just Hollywood, made a movie on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The movie was a kind a saga where characters in the movie travel through Black hole in search of a planet where humans can survive (Since the Earth was no longer habitable). The visual effects shown whilst creating a big wave and docking with the spaceship is simply awesome. In fact, awesome is too small of a word. The movie was made so accurately that scientists actually published a paper with new findings.

Inception (4.5/5)

If I were to define a masterpiece, it would be through this movie – Inception. Let me tell you why this is a masterpiece. Nolan has managed to take the stupidest idea one can ever think of and created that in a movie and forced us to think that it is actually possible to intrude in someone’s dream and change it as it may suit you. Leonardo Caprio has done a fantastic and convincing job of becoming a skilled thief who would take up an job to get back home.

The thing which keeps Inception stand apart from the crowd is the fact that it has a robust screenplay with a fine story-telling technique. I guarantee that you will not waste a single minute and will remain at the edge of your seat till the movie is finished.  

The Dark Knight (5/5)

This movie, in the literal sense of the word, has brought the genius out of Christopher Nolan. Not only this movie shock everyone seeing how Heath Ledger was portrayed as a Joker but it was probably for the first time that the audience loved watching the villain more than the hero, who was the Batman. The psycho behaviour, the unpredictable character whilst plotting schemes against Batman by creating misunderstandings was a genius move by Nolan. It seemed like Heath Ledger was exactly made was this role. He knew exactly what Nolan wanted and Ledger gave his 110% into it. This is an absolute must watch, even if you don’t like movies.

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